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The Top 5 Generative AI Tools for Creative Teams

AI is everywhere and has already had an impact on how copy is written and how creative assets are developed. Here are 5 platforms worth considering. Since this is a quickly evolving space, next week, they will likely be completely different :-)

OpenAI's GPT-4 and 5

  • Website:

  • Features: GPT-4 is a powerful language model capable of generating human-like text based on prompts. It can be used for various creative purposes, such as generating stories, poems, or even code snippets. GPT-3 can be fine-tuned for specific tasks and has a wide range of applications.

  • Benefits: GPT-4 offers a high level of creative flexibility and has been widely adopted for creative writing, content generation, and other language-based tasks. It provides an extensive range of pre-trained models and can be accessed through an API.


  • Website:

  • Features: DeepArt utilizes neural networks to transform images in the style of famous artworks. Users can upload their images and choose a specific style to apply to their artwork. The platform uses deep learning algorithms to generate impressive artistic results.

  • Benefits: DeepArt enables users to create unique and visually appealing artwork by applying the styles of renowned artists to their own images. It offers a simple interface and allows users to customize the degree of style transfer to achieve the desired artistic effect.


  • Website:

  • Features: RunwayML is a platform that provides a range of creative tools and models, including image generation, music composition, and more. It offers a visual interface for building and experimenting with generative models, making it accessible to artists and designers without extensive coding knowledge.

  • Benefits: RunwayML empowers users to explore and experiment with various creative applications of generative AI. The platform provides an intuitive interface and a diverse set of models to create unique visuals, music, and other forms of creative output.


  • Website:

  • Features: ArtBreeder allows users to combine and manipulate existing artworks, photos, or 3D models to generate new and unique visual creations. It uses a combination of deep learning techniques and genetic algorithms to breed and evolve images.

  • Benefits: ArtBreeder provides a creative playground for artists and designers to generate novel and visually captivating artwork. Users can collaborate, remix, and evolve existing creations, resulting in a rich ecosystem of diverse visual outputs.

Google's Magenta

  • Website:

  • Features: Magenta is a research project by Google that explores the intersection of AI and creativity. It offers a collection of open-source tools and models for music generation, image generation, and other creative applications. Magenta provides resources for both developers and artists.

  • Benefits: Magenta allows users to delve into the creative potential of generative AI in the context of music and visual art. The platform offers a range of models, tutorials, and community support, fostering collaboration and innovation in the creative domain.

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