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Whether you're a small, mid-sized, large, or in-house creative shop, and you need to accelerate your team's performance or growth, Kolbrener Consulting has you covered. Our process will give you an objective look under the hood of your creative business, to see what's working and what needs to be re-tooled to get your company running optimally. 

Your recommendations show that you understand our business needs. The experience you bring to the table has helped us better manage our projects and increase speed to market.
— TB, VP Marketing, 
Financial Services




Kolbrener Consulting evolved from years of first-hand experience looking under the hood of in-house agencies for some of the largest brands in the world. Each one had unique challenges, but most had similar core challenges with operational efficiency, talent management, and P&L management. 




In-House Agency 

CHALLENGE: One of the largest banks in the U.S. was having difficulties with creative quality, overall cost control and turn-around times for their self-managed in-house creative team. 

SOLUTION: Rebalanced team members by removing some underperforming staff, hiring new talent, streamlined 3rd party creative suppliers, and implemented new workflow​.

RESULTS: Improved creative/brand quality and compliance, faster turn times, ~$1M+ saved on total creative marketing spend.



Branding Firm

CHALLENGEA leading strategic branding and marketing communications firm, with a national reach in higher education and financial services wanted to optimize overall operations.

SOLUTION: Implemented a new workflow line of sight. Revamped look and feel of the firm's website, and optimized staffing.

RESULTS: 27% year-over-year top-line growth and a deeper pipeline of the most profitable opportunities.



Direct Response Team

CHALLENGE: The largest publisher of news in the U.S. (print and online) needed to streamline, speed-up and improve the quality of their in-house direct response marketing team.


SOLUTION: Replaced workflow management software with a more user-friendly version, hired a new team leader and optimized staffing.

RESULTS: Steady year-over-year growth in revenue, a with 25% increase in response time.

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